Young Dormice enjoying a late summer feast…!

About Us

Cottage Coppicing is a true ‘cottage industry’ business located in the Eastern Valleys of South Wales and is family run.

We are focused on producing rural woodland craft products from sustainable local hazel coppice woodland using traditional tools and methods.

Bringing back the traditional rural skills that have almost been lost is very important to us and we are constantly learning new ways to work with ‘green wood’.

Green Wood is the term used to describe freshly cut wood that has not been seasoned and so is more pliable & workable because the wood still contains sap.

Because we work with green wood, we are very connected to the local woodlands and want to give something back in return for the privilege of working in the countryside and so we are also engaged in woodland conservation in a semi-ancient urban woodland in Newport, South Wales called Ladyhill Wood to regenerate a large old hazel coppice as part of a long-term objective to increase local woodland biodiversity.

Improving Dormouse habitat is a key part of this work.

Cottage Coppicing

Traditional woodland crafts