Welcome to National Beanpole Week

9th to 17th April 2016

Believe it or not, there is a week dedicated to Bean Poles each year in April which aims to promote Hazel bean poles for use in the garden and allotment as part of a wider promotion of UK coppiced products.

If you are local to Newport, Cwmbran, Usk or Blackwood in S. Wales then you can buy Hazel Beanpoles, hoop plant supports and Pea Sticks from us that have been cut from our woodland in Newport. Please click here to email us for further details:

Hazel poles are just perfect for making growing supports for beans and unlike bamboo, they are grown on your door-step, not imported.

Author Robert Penn supports National Beanpole Week 2016                            

Robert Penn – author, journalist, TV presenter supports National Beanpole Week 2016 ‘Buying and using beanpoles in our gardens just works: they’re inexpensive; it’s very likely they’re locally sourced; they look great and, most importantly, if they are on sale, it means someone, somewhere is managing a coppice woodland well. Beanpoles versus bamboo – it’s a no brainer.’

 Follow the two links below for more detail and a really informative video…. But don’t forget to come back…


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Great video on using coppiced Beanpole products in the garden and the allotment…

Most of the Hazel garden products shown in this video are available from us.




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