The Green Wood Centre





The Green Wood Centre

 The Green Wood Centre is based in Coalbrookdale just a short way from historic Ironbridge. The Green Wood Centre is an innovative interpretation centre for woodland management, coppicing, sustainable building and other sustainable technologies.

The Centre promotes sustainable living through a wood based economy by running courses in woodland management and related activities and making landscape furniture from local FSC timber. The site has one of the UK's most energy efficient timber buildings and is now the national centre for excellence in the field of crafts and coppice



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Managing woodland for Dormice



Managing Woodland for Dormice


This is a very informative leaflet about how woodland can be managed for biodiversity with Dormice in mind.


In Victorian times dormice were widespread throughout England and Wales and even today there are isolated populations as far north as the Lake District and Northumberland.


However, due to habitat fragmentation

they have become locally extinct in most of the midland and northern counties and are now generally

restricted to parts of Wales and southern England, where they are still considered to be in decline.

Cottage Coppicing

Traditional woodland crafts

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